Conference Centre

The Conference Centre Kirchtal House was established in 1996 and has developed into a well-regarded facility for seminars, conferences and place to stay overnight…

For your conference, you have at your disposal in this building 35 rooms, a lift, a cafeteria, 3 conference rooms, an underground garage and a large terrace.


The cafeteria is located right next to the conference rooms in our Kirchtal House.

During the tea breaks, you can use the spare time to enjoy a cup of coffee or choose from one of our many varieties of tea.

Apart from that, we will provide you with butter brezel (pretzel bread), cakes or rolls with sandwich fillings, in case you prefer to not eat these inside the conference rooms !

On request, we can provide the cafeteria as a group work space, because it creates a pleasant atmosphere for work done by groups due to the many small tables there.

Conference Equipment

  • harken Projector screen
  • harken Flip chart board
  • harken Overhead projector
  • harken Poster & notice boards
  • harken CD player
  • harken Lectern
  • harken Microphone equipment
  • harken Laptop/screen projector
  • harken Case full of facilitator´s items
  • harken DVD player